Courses per Semester
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Semester: 1st
Code Course Title Sem. Instructor Required Elective
Med.I Bio. Med.I Bio.
ΥΠ 1 Biology - Physiology 1st Anastasiadou (BRFAA)
Xanthou (BRFAA)
X X    
ΥΠ 2 Pattern Recognition 1st Perantonis (Demokritos) X X    
ΥΠ I3 Medical Imaging Systems 1st Kandarakis (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ I4 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 1st Karampogias (NKUA) X      
ΥΠ I5 Machine Learning 1st Theodoridis (NKUA) X     X
ΥΠ Β3 Algorithms in Molecular Biology 1st Hatzigeorgiou (Fleming)   X    
ΥΠ Β4 Introduction to Biotechnology 1st Vlahou (BRFAA)
Tsangaris (BRFAA)
ΥΠ Β5 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1st Hatzigeorgiou (Fleming)
Vlachos (NKUA)
  X X  

Semester: 2nd
Code Course Title Sem. Instructor Required
Med.I Bio. Med.I Bio.
ΥΠ Ι6 Acquisition and Processing of Biomedical Data 2nd Kalyvas (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ 7 Image Processing and Analysis 2nd Kalatzis (ΤΕΙ-Α)
Asvestas (NKUA)
X X    
ΥΠ Ι8 Medical Information Technology and Telemedicine 2nd Spyropoulos (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ Ι9 Radiographic Anatomy 2nd Oikonomou (Radiologist M.D/ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ Β6 Biomedical Databases 2nd Karkaletsis - Petassis- Krithara (Demokritos)   X    
ΥΠ Β8 Emiris (NKUA)
Chrysina (NHRF)
2nd Emiris (NKUA)   X    
ΥΠ Β9 Machine Learning Methods in Computational Biology 2nd Manolakos (NKUA)   X    

Semester: 3rd
Code Course Title Sem. Instructor Elective
Med.I Bio.
ΕΠ 1 Embedded Systems 3rd Manolakos (NKUA) X X
ΕΠ 2 Real Time Systems 3rd Maroulis (NKUA) X X
ΕΠ 3 Biomedical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3rd - X X
ΕΠ 4 Biostatistics 3rd Linardatos (ΕΕΤΤ) X X
ΕΠ 5 Simulation Methods in Medicine and Biology 3rd Spyrou (BRFAA) X X
ΕΠ 6 Methods and Applications in Neurosciences 3rd X X
ΕΠ Ι7 Intelligent Medical Systems 3rd - X  
ΕΠ Ι8 Special Topics on Network Design 3rd   X  
ΕΠ Ι10 Contemporary Hospital and Health-Care Services: Organization and Operation 3rd Spyropoulos (ΤΕΙ-Α) X  
ΕΠ 11 Special Topics on Informatics and Biomedical Applications 3rd   X  
ΕΠ 12 Computer Modeling of Biomolecules 3rd Cournia (BRFAA) X X
ΕΠ 13 Accessibility of Information Systems and the World Wide Web 3rd Kouroupetrolglou (NKUA)
Pino (NKUA)
ΕΠ 14 Knowledge Technologies 3rd Koubarakis (NKUA) X X
ΕΠ Β7 Advanced Biotechnology 3rd   X
ΕΠ Β9 Special Topics on Bioinformatics 3rd -   X

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