Course Description
ΥΠΙ4 - Advanced Topics in Signal Processing
Code: ΥΠΙ4
Title Course: Advanced Topics in Signal Processing
Semester: 1st
Category: REQUIRED (Medical Informatics)
Lecture hours: 3
Instructor: Karampogias (NKUA), Eleftheriadis (NKUA)
Course web page: http://eclass.uoa.gr/courses/D440/
Course Description:
Part 1: Stochastic signals, autocorrelation/cross-correlation, power spectral density, input-output relationship of LTE systems. 2-D Z transform, 2-D DFT, input-output relationship of 2-D LTE systems. Design of digital filters. Part 2: State-space system description, state variables. Dynamic equations, solution of dynamic equations, matrix exponentials, eigenvector representations. Dynamic equations and transfer functions. Controllable and observable realizations, stability. Part 3: multirate signals and systems. Decimation and interpolation. Noble's relationships. Polyphase representation of systems. Effective realizations of decimation and interpolation systems. Filter banks and wavelets. [Previous page]
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