Course Description
ΥΠΙ6 - Acquisition and Processing of Biomedical Data
Code: ΥΠΙ6
Title Course: Acquisition and Processing of Biomedical Data
Semester: 2nd
Category: REQUIRED (Medical Informatics)
Lecture hours: 3
Instructor: Kalyvas (ΤΕΙ-Α)
Course web page: http://eclass.uoa.gr/courses/D441/
Course Description:
Acquisition of bioelectric signals: Ionic cell currents. Electrodes. Bioelectric signals amplifier systems: ECG, EEG, EMG, ERG, EOG. Measurements of non-electric biosignals: mechanoelectric, thermoelectric, photoelectric and chemoelectric converters. Blood flow, pressure and volume measurements. Respiratory system measurements. Thermography. In-vitro diagnostic data acquisition technologies: Spectrophotometric methods, separation techniques. Clinical haematology technology. Immunochemical methods. Digital biomedical signal processing: biomedical data signal-to-noise improvement methods. Spectral analysis techniques for biomedical data. Principal and independent component analysis techniques (PCA-ICA). Autoregression (AR) analysis techniques. Inverse problem solution methods in biomedicine: point source techniques, distributed source techniques, Algebraic Reconstruction Techniques (ART), generalized inverse matrix techniques, regularization techniques. Applications to ECG, EEG, EMG and non-electric biosignals. [Previous page]
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