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  Name Graduation
Thesis title
  Nikolaos I. Begetis 2019 Web-Interface for querying and visualizing Alcoholic Liver Disease Patients’ data from database using GraphQL.
  Anna Karavangeli 2019 A computational approach to identify long non-coding RNAs acting as microRNA sponges
  Aliki Evangelia Konstantinou 2019 Algorithm Development for the construction of spliced-peptides database
  Dimitris Grigoriadis 2019 A method for identifying TSS from CAGE data using a Genomic Signal Processing approach
  Aikaterini Georgountzou 2019 Data Analytics in Chronic Disease Self-Management: Statistical and Machine Learning Methodologies for Knowledge Discovery based on Quantified Self Data
  Viktoria N. Stefanou 2018 R package development for the analysis and visualization of single-cell data extracted from bacterial time-lapse microscopy cell-movies
  Vasiliki Fillipa 2018 Bioinformatic Analysis of Clinical and Molecular Patient Data with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Implementation of Statistical Methods in Co-Expression Networks
  Joana Dulaj 2018 Development of a Real Time Gene Database for an Android Application
  Xenaki Marianna-Kanella 2018 Study of scattered radiation in imaging systems
  Melοιvia Rapti 2018 Structure tensor analysis on proteins: efficient feature extraction for heteromultimeric assembly prediction
  Boci Nada 2018 Computational Analysis of Knee Pathologies Using MRI Image
  S. Zavitsanou 2018 Automating free energy perturbation calculations for drug design
  Chatziapostolou Eleni 2018 Reception and web presentation of biosignals from a portable recording device
  Dalamara Katerina 2017 Current state-of-the-art of the research conducted in mapping protein cavities – binding sites of bioactive compounds, peptides or other proteins
  Stavros Milouris 2017 Computerized cognitive training in MATLAB using electroencephalography for face-name memory improvement
  Andreas Georganis and Niki Doulgeraki 2017 A real time ECG signal processing application for arrhythmia detection on portable devices
  Eirini Mathe 2017 Heart Rate Measurement from Video Sequences
  Nikos Perdikopanis 2017 A computational method of Transcription Start Site (TSS) identification using CAGE data
  Panagiotis Kakoulidis 2017 Development of a pipeline for secondary and tertiary structural analysis of human miRNA targeting
  George Skoufos 2017 Rapid and accurate identification of organisms at strain level in complex Microbiomic, Metagenomic, and Metatranscriptomic NGS samples with quasi-mapping
  Konstantina Karathanou 2016 Modeling and simulations of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as drug delivery systems
  Joanna-Elzbieta Handzlik 2016 Analysis of small RNAs from deep sequencing data using spipeRNA
  Sofia Maniou 2016 Analysis of low and high throughput experimental techniques for the collection of validated genes that are miRNA targets
  Dimitrianos Savas 2016 Computational methods for random walk optimization on gene networks
  Panagiotis Giannopoulos 2016 Evaluation of upper limb motor skills using IDEA (Input Device Evaluation
  Mariola Thanai 2016 EEG processing of patients with cortical dementia
  Ioannis-Laertis Anastasopoulos 2016 Training a text mining algorithm for automated identification of publications that contain putative microRNA-gene interactions
  Simos Kazantzidis 2016 Splice Site Prediction Using Transfer Learning
  Anna Gogolou 2016 Data Exploration and Cleaning in Biomedical Databases
  Dimitris Konstantopoulos 2016 Computational methods for predicting microRNAs in new genomes
  Evripidis Mikos 2016 Computer Decision Support System for the Parkinson Disease using Voice Data
  Adamou-Tzani Marina 2016 Characterization of the molecular networks that control pathogenic T-cell driven responses in Multiple Sclerosis using RNA-seq analysis software
  Aidonopoulos Orfeas  2015 A method for parsing clinical outcomes and combining them with phosphoproteomic and genomic data for predicting drug efficacy: application in hepatocellular carcinoma
  Alysandratou Sofia 2012 Development and evaluation of a data acquisition system for nuclear medicine imaging systems based on a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
  Anagnostopoulou Evangelia  2015 Modelling the impact of respiratory motion on the detection of pulmonary nodules in PET imaging and applying motion correction methods
  Anastasopoulos Ioannis-Laertis 2016 Training a text mining algorithm for automated identification of publications that contain putative microRNA-gene interactions
  Balomenos Athanasios  2014 Bacterial image analysis based on time-lapse microscopy
  Bourdakou Marilena 2014 Investigating the influence of the biological networks combination with differential gene expressions on the selection of biomarker genes for breast cancer classification
  Chouvardas Panagiotis 2015 Inferring regulatory subnetworks through the analysis of genome-wide expression profiles
  Christodoulou Dimitris  2012 Computational Modeling of the Dynamics of the IFNβ transcription mechanism through its Enhanceosome Assembly
  Danelakis Antonios 2012 Decision Support System for Classification of Urinary Bladder Cancer from Histopathological Images
  Dassi Myrto 2013 Correction and Grid Detection in Light Field Microscopy Images
  Eftaksias Konstantinos 2011 EEG Signal Processing using Kernel Methods
  Eleutheriou Stergiani 2015 Design and development of a mobile app for the quick and sufficient information retrieval for the human genes
  Fotopoulos Anaxagoras  2016 Development of data mining tools for identifying structural determinants that dictate protein-ligand interactions
  Fytros Marios  2014 Computational evaluation of potential binding molecules to protein targets with geometric criteria
  Georgakilas George 2012 microRNA transcript prediction from genomic data
  Giampouras Paraskeuas 2014 Unobtrusive extraction of PPG signal and heart rate through video processing
  Giannou Meletia 2015 Classification of Cell Biopsy Data from Skin Diseases
  Gogolou Anna 2016 Data Exploration and Cleaning in Biomedical Databases
  Kafouris Paulos 2015 Methods of computational intelligence for classifying mammographic images of masses
  Kalfakakou Despoina 2016 Splice site recognition between different organisms
  Karagiannis Nikolaos  2015 Controlling robotic mechanism through brainwaves by using an open hardware platform
  Karagouni Dimitra 2015 Computational and high perfomamce data analysis, aiming at finding and undestanding the molecular genetic changes associated with breast cancer
  Karamasioti Eleni  2013 In silico modeling studies of the immune modulatory mechanisms in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  Karampoulas Konstantinos 2012 Operation principles of laparoscopic imaging systems"
  Karatzas Evangelos 2016 Bioinformatics methods for drug repurposing in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  Karozou Argiro  2014 3D molecular modelling study of the H7N9 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase as an emerging pharmacological target
  Kassis Vasileios  2011 Computer Based Diagnosis of BreastT Tumors on Microscopy Tissue Images
  Katsaros Thomas 2011 Nerworks Design for Health Information Systems
  Katsiouni Nomiki 2012 Νovel child psychiatry electronic record system
  Kazantzidis Simos 2016 Splice Site Prediction Using Transfer Learning
  Konstantinakou Kalliroi  2015 Implementation of Random Walk methodologies to cluster microcalcifications in mammography imaging
  Konstantinidis Sotiris  2014 Comparative Study of Target Prediction Algorithms, utilizing artificial and experimental data on Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes & Epstein–Barr virus
  Konstantinou Christos 2011 Decision Support System for Discriminating Low from High Malignancy Brain Astrocytomas, Using Routinely H&E Stained Cytological Images
  Konstantinou Panagiota 2016 Evaluation of absorbed X-rays' energy within fluorescent materials that are used in medical imaging with the software simulation package PENELOPE
  Konstantopoulos Dimitris 2016 Computational methods for predicting microRNAs in new genomes
  Kontopodis Evangelos  2016 Insights of the Human Proteome based on unique peptide analysis
  Kontos Dimitris 2015 Development of web tool for proteomic similarity search based on Secondary Structure
  Kostopoulou Eirini 2011 Proteomics Image Processing
  Kotsiliti Evangelia  2015 Implementation of a pattern recognition system for the discrimination of multiple sclerosis from ischemic lesions based on MRI
  Kotsiourou Christina 2010 Design of pattern recognition system for classification of proteomic ovarian samples derived from mass spectrometry into normal and malignant
  Koukolia Ekaterini 2011 Interconnection of medical sensors and electronic child psychiatry record for the recording of behavioristic and biometric parameters
  Lagga Peggy 2012 Computer-aided detection system for lung nodules of CT images
  Lalassidou Stella 2015 Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for the discrimination between benign atypical nevi and malignant melanomas on digital dermatological images using image processing and pattern recognition algorithms
  Leon Ioannis  2015 Denoising methods in ultrasound images via GUI
  Leontidis George 2013 Retinal image blood vessels segmentation – Vessel width estimation
  Leventi Konstantina  2015 Development of an integrated environment of mammographic images analysis and classification
  Liakos Klestis 2012 Computer Aided Diagnosis system for discriminating normal from abnormal breast lesions, segmented from ultrasound images
  Liarokapis Minas 2010 Biosignal Analysis: Towards Force Reconstruction and Synergies Investigation
  Liaskovets Maria 2010 Investigation of spatial resolution magnetic resonance systems materialized through special software in Matlab
  Magiati Margarita 2012 cDNA Microarray image processing based on robust segmentation techniques
  Mamakou Vassiliki 2011 Development a training tool to familiarize medical personnel to the implementation of relevant Diagnostics Groups (Diagnosis Related Groups-DRGs)
  Maneas Efthymios 2014 Simulation of a Molecular Imaging System based on Optoacoustic (Photoacoustic) Tomography
  Manetzi Theodora  2012 Computer system for emphysema quantification from CT images of the lungs
  Manoussidou Theodora  2012 Evaluation and comparison of bioinformatics tools for studying 3d protein structure
  Maridaki Emmanouela 2014 Development and evaluation of a vessels segmentation image processing system for the investigation of vascularity of breast cancer, using breast Magnetic Resonance Images
  Markopoulos Dionisis 2013 Development of a software application for managing protein crystallization data
  Mastroleon Evdoxia 2011 Development of an electronic laboratory notebook for computer aided drug design
  Mikos Evripidis 2016 Computer Decision Support System for the Parkinson Disease using Voice Data
  Moumou Eftychia 2011 Digital Watermarking for Images of 3D Microscopy
  Oikonomi Eleni 2012 Design and implementation of the ASTM E2369 Continuity of Care Record standard
  Ouzounoglou Eleftherios 2011 Application of Systems Biology methods in the elucidation of alpha-synuclein's role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease
  Palioura Aggeliki  2015 Classification of Breast Biopsy Data
  Papageorgiou Louis  2014 Computer aided diagnosis of histopathological images in microscopy
  Papathanasiou Athanasios 2016 Development of data mining tools for identifying structural determinants that dictate protein-ligand interactions
  Papatheodorou Nikolaos  2015 Motor skills evaluation of upper limbs in patients with multiple sclerosis using the IDEA (Input Device Evaluation Application) system
  Pappa Nektaria 2014 Lobules Detection and Quantification from 3D two Photon Images
  Paraskevopoulou Maria  2013 Computational prediction of microRNA targets on long non coding RNAs
  Pilichou Stamatina  2015 Integrated mammographic image classification system
  Ropodi Athina 2009 Studying and applying Web Services in protein-protein interaction networks
  Rota Aikaterini 2014 Classification of pre-malignant lesions of cervical cancer based on microscopy images
  Sakellarios Christos 2012 Decision Support System for Classification of Urinary Bladder Cancer from Histopathological Images
  Sakkos Nikolaos 2010 Creation of a web application for grouping and analysis of protein interactions
  Sarris Michalis 2012 Digital Tomosynthesis of Medical Imaging
  Sharma Anuj 2011 Improving sequence similarity search for Protein Homology Inference using Structural data and Machine Learning methods
  Siderakis Dimitrios 2011 Design and development of a Pattern Recognition system for discriminating amongst healthy, benign and malignant prostate tumors, employing proteomic mass spectroscopy (MS) samples
  Sioulas John 2016 Anisotropy characterization of surfaces and images: Classification, modelling and scaling analysis
  Smailis Christos 2015 Multimedia Content Analysis For The Assessment of Depression Level
  Soulioti Georgia 2016 Specification of Important Characteristics of the Spontaneous Activity of Isolated Cerebral Cortex in vitro
  Styllou Aikaterini 2011 Development of computational methods for the annotation of protein coding regions and UTR's
  Theodosi Angeliki  2013 Image analysis and classification of 2D gel electrophoresis images based on pattern recognition methods
  Topalidou Meropi  2014 Analysis of the periodicity of brain activity recordings from local field potentials (LFPs)
  Toutountzi Maria 2011 Application of non-deterministic classification and meta-classification methods on medical datasets
  Tsagkrasoulis Dimosthenis 2010 Software development for the automation of protein domain fusion analysis
  Tsakiraki Aggeliki-Kalliopi 2015 Development of design environment for computational models of composite structures for biomedical imaging systems simulation
  Tsiana Marina  2015 Protocol Development and Performance Evaluation of a computer aided segmentation of the hippocampus anatomical structure related to Alzheimer's disease
  Tsimpida Vassiliki  2014 Computer based diagnosis of thyroid cancer based on cytological images
  Tzanoukos George  2014 A detectably study of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule in PET/CT images using simulation methods
  Tzoka Maria 2012 Analysis of the clinical characteristics of neurosurgical patients
  Vlachos Ioannis 2012 Computational Tools for the Identification of the Functional Role of Experimentally Validated microRNA Gene – Targets

* In order to ensure the protection of the personal information of the graduates, all sensitive data (Tel, address) have been erased from their Curriculum Vitae.

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