The duration of the study program leading to the Master’s of Science degree (Postgraduate Degree) is at a minimum three academic semesters. The maximum allowed duration of study is five semesters. In special occasions the Special General Assembly (for academic affairs) of the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens may extend this time limit.
Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics.

Offered courses
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Code Course Title Sem. Instructor Required
Med.I Bio. Med.I Bio.
ΥΠ 1 Biology - Physiology 1st Anastasiadou (BRFAA)
Xanthou (BRFAA)
X X    
ΥΠ 2 Pattern Recognition 1st Perantonis (Demokritos) X X    
ΥΠ I3 Medical Imaging Systems 1st Kandarakis (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ I4 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 1st Karampogias (NKUA) X      
ΥΠ I5 Machine Learning 1st Theodoridis (NKUA) X     X
ΥΠ Ι6 Acquisition and Processing of Biomedical Data 2nd Kalyvas (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ 7 Image Processing and Analysis 2nd Kalatzis (ΤΕΙ-Α)
Asvestas (NKUA)
X X    
ΥΠ Ι8 Medical Information Technology and Telemedicine 2nd Spyropoulos (ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ Ι9 Radiographic Anatomy 2nd Oikonomou (Radiologist M.D/ΤΕΙ-Α) X      
ΥΠ Β3 Algorithms in Molecular Biology 1st Hatzigeorgiou (Fleming)   X    
ΥΠ Β4 Introduction to Biotechnology 1st Vlahou (BRFAA)
Tsangaris (BRFAA)
ΥΠ Β5 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1st Hatzigeorgiou (Fleming)
Vlachos (NKUA)
  X X  
ΥΠ Β6 Biomedical Databases 2nd Karkaletsis - Petassis- Krithara (Demokritos)   X    
ΥΠ Β8 Algorithms in Structural Bioinformatics 2nd Emiris (NKUA)
Chrysina (NHRF)
ΥΠ Β9 Machine Learning Methods in Computational Biology 2nd Manolakos (NKUA)   X    
ΥΠ 10 Master's Thesis 2nd-3rd - X X    
ΕΠ 1 Embedded Systems 3rd Manolakos (NKUA)     X X
ΕΠ 2 Real Time Systems 3rd Maroulis (NKUA)     X X
ΕΠ 3 Biomedical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3rd -     X X
ΕΠ 4 Biostatistics 3rd Linardatos (ΕΕΤΤ)     X X
ΕΠ 5 Simulation Methods in Medicine and Biology 3rd Spyrou (BRFAA)     X X
ΕΠ 6 Methods and Applications in Neurosciences 3rd -     X X
ΕΠ Ι7 Intelligent Medical Systems 3rd -     X  
ΕΠ Ι8 Special Topics on Network Design 3rd -     X  
ΕΠ Ι10 Contemporary Hospital and Health-Care Services: Organization and Operation 3rd Spyropoulos (ΤΕΙ-Α)     X  
ΕΠ 11 Special Topics on Informatics and Biomedical Applications 3rd -     X  
ΕΠ 12 Computer Modeling of Biomolecules 3rd Cournia (BRFAA)     X X
ΕΠ 13 Accessibility of Information Systems and the World Wide Web 3rd Kouroupetrolglou (NKUA)
Pino (NKUA)
    X X
ΕΠ 14 Knowledge Technologies 3rd Koubarakis (NKUA)     X X
ΕΠ Β7 Advanced Biotechnology 3rd -       X
ΕΠ Β9 Special Topics on Bioinformatics 3rd -       X


The total number of Credit Units (ECTS) required to complete the M.Sc.degree is 90. Each course corresponds to 6 Credits and the Master Thesis corresponding to 24 Credits. The courses offered are divided into compulsory core courses and elective courses. Each student is required to attend five (5) core courses during the first semester and four (4) during the second semester. In addition, each student is required to select and attend, in each track of study, two (2) additional elective courses in the third semester. The electives are not all offered every year and are taught on a rotation basis.
To obtain the MSc degree, postgraduate students should pass successfully all compulsory courses of the corresponding track of study, two additional elective courses, and also complete successfully an MSc thesis. The thesis starts in the the 2nd semester (6 ECTS) and is completed in the third semester (18 ECTS).
Any changes of compulsory and elective courses and their number of ECTS are decided by the Special Committee in accordance with current legislation, and the rules of the graduate program. Students attendance to the courses is mandatory.

Students lacking relevant background knowledge may be required, in addition to the regular courses, to be successfully examined in some of the following undergraduate courses, offered by the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens:

1. Data Structures
2. Digital Signal Processing
3. A programming language course (in C or C++).

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