Course Description
ΕΠ1 - Embedded Systems
Code: ΕΠ1
Title Course: Embedded Systems
Semester: 3rd
Category: ELECTIVE
Lecture hours: 3
Instuctor: Manolakos (NKUA)
Course web page: http://eclass.uoa.gr/courses/D453/
Course Description:
Microcontrollers, reconfigurable embedded systems, autonomous systems, ambient intelligence. Implementation of embedded systems (ES) with ASICs, FPGAs and intellectual property cores (IP cores). Systems with general and special purpose processors in a single integrated circuit (Systems on Chip). Power Management in ES. Hierarchical design of embedded SoCs, hardware-software codesign. System design and synthesis technologies. System software issues: Multithreading, synchronization scheduling mechanisms. Managing multiple processes, real-time operating system kernels. Examples of embedded systems for automatic control, wireless sensor networks. Applications of modern microelectronics and ES in biomedicine. ES and nanotechnology, biosensors, research trends.
Laboratory component: Design using the VHDL hardware description language of an embedded SoC and implementation using FPGAs. Recommended knowledge: Digital Systems Design, VHDL, computer programming with C. [Previous page]
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