The rapid advances in the fields of Biomedical Imaging, Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics, as well as their widespread application in Health Sciences and Biotechnology practice, has created the need for scientists who will be competent in these new specialties. These scientists, that can be computer science graduates, medical doctors, engineers, biologists, etc. should have specialized expertise and experience in using cutting-edge information technologies.

The Postgraduate Program "Information Technologies in Medicine and Biology" has the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for young university graduates to specialize in the application of modern Information Technologies to medicine and biology.
    The ITMB Program will enrich the knowledge and skills of its students in aspects of information technologies related to Healthcare (e.g. new medical imaging technologies, tele-medicine, management of medical records etc.), in the organization, analysis and management of heterogeneous biomedical data (signal and image analysis, data processing, data mining), as well as in the development of algorithms, models and software tools in the rapidly growing fields of computational biology (for genomics, proteomics, biomarkers discovery, drug design) and systems biology.
  • Το strengthen the skills of university and technical institution graduates who may already have a working knowledge in Medical Technology and Bioinformatics, or in related fields, and prepare them to succesfully cope with the new challenges associated with introducing and applying new advanced information technologies in the Healthcare and Biotechnology sectors.
  • To help students develop the skills needed in order to be able to establish productive collaborations with scientists from different disciplines. This is accomplished not only through the proposed diverse courses curriculum, but also by providing to students the opportunity to perform internships, as well as Master’s thesis related research work, in Health care providing organizations (Hospitals, Clinics) and Research Institutes.
  • To help students develop the ability to remain constantly on the forfront of information technologies with continuous self-training and education.

External Evaluation Report of the Department, positive mention of ITMB (pdf file)
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