Vlahou Antonia
Staff Research Scientist (Professor Level)
Instit.: BRFAA
Tel: (+30) 210-6597063
Personal Web Page: http://www.bioacademy.gr/Faculty/investigators_details_new.php?id=36&inv=1&ovr=0
Short Bio:
Vlahou received her BS from the School of Biology, University of Athens, Greece and her Ph.D from the Department of Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas. Vlahou pursued post-doctoral studies at the Eastern VA Medical School, VA, where she was appointed as a research assistant professor from 2001 until 2003 when she moved to Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens. Vlahou is currently group leader and co-Director of the Proteomics Research Unit at BRFAA. During her doctoral and post-doctoral studies Vlahou received various awards including an award for best oral presentation, Southwestern Developmental Biology Conference, the AFUD/AUA fellowship (1998-2000) as well as the Pfizer Scholar in Urology award (2000). Vlahou is one of the founding members of the Hellenic Proteomics Society and has served as the General Secretary and President of the Society. Her work on protein profiling of biological fluids has received numerous citations, she serves as reviewer in 15 journals and European grant applications, is in the editorial board of J of Proteomics and has edited one book on clinical proteomics. Since 2006 she has been the organizer of proteomics courses of 3 masters programs in U of Athens and U of Crete.
Dr Vlahou’s group is interested in identifying biomarkers and understanding mechanisms of bladder cancer cell aggressiveness, particularly dealing with changes in protein secretion and extracellular matrix. Cell line and animal models for bladder cancer in combination to a variety of proteomics techniques are being applied; the latter rely primarily on the use of protein enrichment strategies in combination to gel-based systems. In parallel, the team is also actively engaged in adapting and promoting the application of contemporary proteomic technologies, particularly MALDI-TOF-MS, for the sensitive detection of disease biomarkers in urine.
Vlahou is the coordinator and Chair of the Management Committee of the European Kidney and Urine Proteomics Action (www.eurokup.org) funded by the EU COST. She is also group leader in the FP7 DECanBio targeting the identification and validation of urinary biomarkers for aggressive bladder cancer and the Marie Curie Industry Academia Partnership program ProtoClin aiming at the adaptation of mass spectrometry platforms for clinical proteomics applications.

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