Course Description
ΕΠΙ10 - Contemporary Hospital and Health-Care Services: Organization and Operation
Code: ΕΠΙ10
Title Course: Contemporary Hospital and Health-Care Services: Organization and Operation
Semester: 3rd
Category: ELECTIVE (Medical Informatics)
Lecture hours: 3
Instructor: Spyropoulos (ΤΕΙ-Α)
Course web page: http://eclass.uoa.gr/courses/D460/
Course Description:
  1. The historical course of the development of the Hospital.
  2. Infrastructure and functional Planning of modern Hospital Departments:
    • Emergency Department.
    • Outpatient Department.
    • In vitro Diagnostic Laboratories.
    • Bloodbank.
    • Medical Imaging.
    • Surgical Departments.
    • Intensive Care Units.
    • Nursing Wards.
    • Radiotherapy and other special treatment Units.
    • Hospital Supporting Facilities.
  3. Medical Equipment and Hospital Supplies.
  4. Supporting medical-managerial Decision-making in the individual Departments and Units of the contemporary Hospital.
  5. Patient and Personnel Safety-management in the Hospital Environment.
  6. The multifarious function of the Electronic Health Record in contemporary Health-Care Services.
  7. Financial-Managerial approaches of contemporary Health-care Services.
  8. Continuous interdisciplinary Education in the modern Hospital.
  9. The emerging Networked-Society 21st Century Hospital and the modern Mobile Health-Care.
  10. Social, Ethical and Legal Issues related to contemporary Health-Care Services:
    • The development of Health Insurances.
    • Biomedical Ethics and Professional Codes of Conduct.
    • Medical and other Health Professional Liability.
    • Medical Equipment Manufacturer Liability.
  11. Industrial Property Rights focused on Biomedical Technology and Informatics. [Previous page]
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