Chrysina Evangelia
Scientific Personnel of IOPC
Instit.: National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF)
Tel: (+30) 210-7273851
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Short Bio:
Born in Piraeus (23.01.1973), Chemical Engineer, graduated from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1996, and obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Bath-UK. She worked with Prof. K. Ravi Acharya (thesis advisor) as Research officer (position funded by the Medical Research Council-UK) and returned to Greece in 2001 as a reintegrated researcher from abroad with host institute the National Hellenic Research Foundation (post funded by AstraZeneca-UK/Greek General Secretariat for Research & Technology, ENTER programme). She worked next to the late Dr. N.G. Oikonomakos, head of the Structural Biology & Chemistry Group and director of the Institute of Organic & Pharmaceutical Chemistry (IOPC)-NHRF in the “Structure-based drug design for the treatment of type 2 diabetes disease”. Her research was supported by EU/Royal Society-UK and large pharmaceutical companies, AventisPharma-Germany/Pfizer-Groton-USA.
In 2006 she joins the permanent scientific staff of NHRF as a researcher in the same group. Her research work (1996- ) comprises 32 peer-reviewed publications in international journals (SI>526, h=14), 50-participations in international conferences, 11 announcements in Large-scale facilities reports, 17 invited lectures, 26 participations in national and European research programmes and 80 protein structures/complexes (deposited with protein data bank, www.pdb.org). She is scientific point of contact (along with Dr. I.M. Mavridis, NCSR-Demokritos) for Greece-affiliated member of INSTRUCT (Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure).
Her research interests involve type 2 diabetes, structure-based design of hypoglycaemic and other agents, biomass exploitation for bioethanol production, 3D-structure determination of macromolecules of pharmaceutical/biotechnological interest with X-ray protein crystallography. She is collaborating with Professors, P. Christakopoulos/NTUA, A. Siafaka and A. Gimisi/University of Athens, L. Somsak/University of Debrecen-Hungary, J-P. Praly/Claude-Bernard University Lyon-1-France, D. Loganathan/Indian Institute of Technology-Madras-India και A. MacKerell/University of Maryland-USA. She is registered user of synchrotron radiation in Daresbury Laboratory-UK (till 2008), EMBL Hamburg-Outstation/DESY, Sinchrotrone Trieste-Italy, member of Technical Chamber of Greece, Hellenic Crystallographic Association and Hellenic Society of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry.
The distinctions she has received involve «Rod Quayle prize-Best postgraduate student 1999-2000, Dept. of Biology & Biochemistry-Univ. of Bath-UK», Marie Curie Fellowship for 3years for PhD studies (EU-FP4), «Paraskevis Gardiki-Kouidou fellowship for young researchers» (2002); Wellcome Trust-UK (2001) and Royal Society-London-UK (2002,2003) fellowships for short term visits in Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics/University of Oxford-UK and Institute of Cancer Research/London-UK. She has co-organized conferences/workshops in the field of structural biology, drug design and molecular modelling as well as events for the promotion of Science to the General Public (jointly with NHRF and British Council).

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