Rules and Regulations for the Graduate Students

Participation in the courses - attendance

Attendance of lectures and the involvement of students in the educational process are compulsory. It is left to the instructor to decide how these will participate in the final assessment of the student's performance.
Classes for the Master’s program start on the same date as the winter semester classes for the undergraduate program of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, e.g. on October 1st.

Academic Advisors – Problems Resolution

A faculty member is designated each year to act as the academic advisor – counsellor - of the students following each of the directions (tracks) of study. Students may discuss with the advisor issues concerning their program, e.g. choosing elective course depending on their background and study objectives, or how to compensate for a gap in their knowledge of a subject matter etc.
Beyond informal meetings with the academic advisor, which may be arranged at any time, students are obliged to meet with the advisor at the beginning of each semester. In the first semester, the purpose of the meeting is to formulate a curriculum for the duration of the program, taking into account the interests of the student. The purpose of the follow-up meetings in subsequent semesters is to discuss student progress as well as any program adjustments deemed necessary. In all cases, the design of the student’s course program should take into consideration the student’s expressed interests.

Scholarship and Honors Distinction

A Scholarship will be awarded to one student per track of study. This student has to meet the following criteria: S/he has to successfully complete all the course requirements of the first and second semester by the end of the September examination period and before the beginning of the third semester. The grade point average of the student has to be the highest among his/her classmates following the same direction of study. Furthermore, this grade point average has to be 8.50 or higher (out of 10).
The scholarship award also carries an exemption from tuition fees for the third semester of study.
The Steering Committee has decided to establish since the academic year 2011-12 a new Fellowship to newly admitted students, for each direction of study, for outstanding academic quality. The Fellowship carries an exemption from tuition fees for the first semester. The grade point average of the student has to be at least eight (8/10) and not have the same resources (from work). As long as the student maintains an excellent performance in the graduate program (grade point average of 8.50 or higher), the scholarship will be automatically extended for the next academic semester (up to 3 semesters).
An Honors Distinction will be awarded to the first student of each direction of study who completes the Master’s Program within five semesters and with a grade point average of 8.50 or higher.

Grading of the Thesis

The three-member Examination Committee of the Master’s Thesis is made up of the student’s research advisor and two examiners. Faculty members or Researchers with a rank of A, B or C may participate in the committee, in accordance with the provisions of Greek law 3685/2008. At least two (2) of the three (3) committee members have to be Instructors of the ITMB graduate program. The final grade of the thesis (0-10) is assigned by the research advisor with the consent of the committee, after the thesis has been presented in an open defence.
All courses, either required –core courses (9)–, or optional –elective courses (2)–, contribute equally to the final grade point average for the Master’s degree, while the thesis counts as two courses.

Click to download the Master's Thesis Initiation Form (in Greek only):
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Click to download the Master's Thesis Completion Form (in Greek only):
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Research Support

The Master’s Program may provide qualified students with financial assistance (up to 300 Euros, subject to adjustment depending on the financial capabilities of the program), towards the costs of participating in a conference (with either an oral or poster presentation), under the following conditions:
- The publication is directly related to the student's thesis or to a project performed in the context of a course of the Master’s Program.
- The student is the first author in the publication.
- The student’s research advisor is an Instructor in the Program.
- The Program’s financial support is acknowledged in the publication.
- The student presents the paper at the Conference.
- A formal presentation of the paper is made to the Program’s Executive Committee, along with a petition accompanied by a formal acceptance letter.
- The Conference must meet certain quality standards (such as the IEEE, ACM or equivalent conferences with a peer review process). Students who wish to make use of this financial support should file a petition for approval with the Program’s Executive Committee as soon as their paper has been accepted and at least three (3) months prior to their participation in the conference.

Student fees

In order to meet the program’s needs in infrastructure and human resources students have to pay a tuition, in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 7, of Greek Law 2083/1992, and with the provisions stated in the approval document of the ITMB graduate program published in the Greek Government Gazette. The fee is currently EUR 800 per semester and the total financial obligation per student should not exceed an amount equivalent to payments for three semesters. Every two years, the Special General Assembly (on academic affairs) of the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens may adjust the tuition by a rate not exceeding 10%.

Suspension of Studies

The duration of the course of studies leading to the MSc degree is at the minimum three (3) and at the maximum five (5) academic semesters. Under special circumstances the Special General Assembly may extend this time limit.
For the Ph.D. degree at least six (6) semesters are required beyond the Master’s degree.

Suspension of studies may be granted to a graduate student or PhD candidate by the Special General Assembly upon his/her filing a petition and only for serious reasons (e.g. military service duty, serious family or health related problems etc.). Studies can only be suspended for the full duration of a semester. The petition must state the number of semesters for which the suspension of studies is requested as well as the reasons for the suspension, which must be supported by appropriate documentation.

Click to download theSuspension of Studies Request Form (in Greek only):
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During the suspension period the student may not participate in the educational and research activities of the program (coursework, exams, submission of Master’s thesis, research activities, etc.). The suspension period is not counted towards the total study time allowed by the program.

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