Tsangaris George
Staff Research Scientist (Professor Level)
Instit.: BRFAA
Tel: (+30) 210-6597075 & 504
Personal Web Page: http://www.bioacademy.gr/Faculty/investigators_details_new.php?id=37&inv=1&ovr=0
Short Bio:
Dr. George Th. Tsangaris, was born at 1960 in Chios. He holds a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry. He was post-doctoral fellow of French Government and researcher at INSERM U200 (Paris, France). From 1994, as principal investigator, he joined the University Research Institute of Genetic and Malignant Diseases (University of Athens, Greece). In 2002 he joined the Roche Centre for Medical Genomics (Basel, Swiss) and from 2003 the Proteomics Research Unit of the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens as a Professor Level Research Scientist.
Before he joined BRFAA, his personal research interests focused mainly: a) on the study of apoptosis with special interests related to environmental immunotoxicology, to the gene regulation of apoptosis and to the clinical applications of apoptosis and b) to the molecular study of cancer.
After BRFAA joining, Dr. Tsangaris recent work is contributed to the extensive application of proteomics in human pathology with special interest the human reproduction, the chromosomal aneuploidies, the non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, the cancer and the neuroproteomics.

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