Modern research requires multidisciplinary interactions, therefore promoting cooperative relations with other Universities is a priority of the graduate program.
The Graduate Program "Information Technologies in Medicine and Biology" has itself been a multi-disciplinary initiative. An inter-disciplinary approach in education and research as well as establishing collaborative relations with world class scientists and reputable Departments of European and American Universities are important goals of the program.

The ITMB graduate program emphasizes this multi-disciplinary interaction, not only through the courses of theoretical and more applied courses it offers, but also through the opportunity it provides to its students to perform an internship and part of their Master’s thesis in health service providing organizations (Hospitals Clinics) as well as in Research Centers.

Moreover, in this first phase of organization and operation of the Master’s Program, the following initiatives have been initiated and are underway:

  • Development of collaborative relations with reputable Universities, inside and outside Greece, at the educational level.
  • The creation of a mechanism for the constant interaction with the private and public sectors through the co-organization of events, discussions, workshops, company visits etc.


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